Manufactured plastic and pavers are easier to make at home with molds than one might think

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  When thinking of remodeling, landscaping, or home improvement projects using stone, brick or pavers, here are a few benefits of using concrete moulds to make custom-colored stone, instead of buying common stone from a retailer.

  1. Increase the Value of any Home for Pennies.

  Most average-priced homes built today have a concrete walk, a macadam driveway, and maybe a poured concrete patio or wood deck outside. Folks rarely choose stone or brick designs for their homes due to the cost...despite the fact that stone lasts virtually forever and adds greatly to the worth of the home. With that said, making walkway or patio pavers, or designing and installing a custom cobblestone paver driveway using Plastic mold can greatly enhance the look and value of a home. Want to create a raised flower bed in the yard? Want to build a decorative stone wall with concrete block and cover it with stone veneer made with moulds? Landscape stone adds uniqueness to a home while providing long-lasting benefits to be enjoyed now and by future generations. And now it can be done for pennies on the dollar using concrete moulds,Plastic mold.

  2. Create Custom Designs and Colors

  Any stonework can enhance a home or yard decor; but imagine creating stone designs right at home in a choice of colors—and for pennies each! With concrete stone moulds, color can be added to the concrete mix as desired. And there are hundreds of choices and varieties of mold types, shapes, styles and sizes to choose from. This enables the producer to create truly unique stones and pavers that the neighbors will be envious of.

  3. Making Stone is Easy

  Manufactured stone and pavers are easier to make at home with molds than one might think, since they come with specific instructions. No special equipment or tools are needed either. A shovel, five-gallon bucket, and an inexpensive Plastic mold tub or wheelbarrow to mix in, is all that’s needed. If moulds are ordered from a reputable stone mold company, making professional looking stones and pavers will take little effort to accomplish. And company support will be available should it be needed. Quality moulds are durable and can be used over and over, so fewer can be purchased to get started. Yet many stones or pavers can be made with them. It's so easy- even the kids can help!

  4. Don't be Limited to Outdoor Projects

  Another benefit is that the stone can be used indoors as well. Build a gorgeous rock fireplace. Create a stone floor entrance in the foyer. Add stones to a plain wall to enhance the look, feel, and richness of a room. With a little imagination and desire, anything is possible. And making stone is not limited to men. According to John Panagos, President of, "more than 60% of our customers are women. And very few of our customers have worked with molds or concrete, before making concrete products with our moulds and instructions."