What is the application situation of plastic mold in appliance industry?

Source: shaoqun Release Date: 2012-06-14 16:50:49 Hits: 1373

  In recent years, China's plastic mold manufacturing industry in the global manufacturing industry accounted for 19.8%, slightly more than 19.4 percent in the United States.

  Long-term among the first world, the U.S. economy suffered after the setback of the financial crisis is still to be outdone; Osama announced a high profile to the United States to return to the manufacturing era.

  This means that the U.S. economy from the virtual economy return to the real economy, the more productive manufacturing sector to remain in the United States, to resolve a large number of the employed labor force. Employment data released from the second half of 2011 that the United States received some results in this regard.

  The domestic export-oriented home appliance plastic mold and plastic products business orders to cut one of the reasons, what is more, the original plan the transfer of industries to invest in the mainland of China manufacturing project started to return to the United States.