How to improve management mode of plastic mold industry?

Source: shaoqun Release Date: 2012-06-14 16:49:26 Hits: 1533

  International mold expert analysis pointed out: the crisis era after the fall into China's plastic mold manufacturing industry will usher in development opportunities, financing impasse will be broken, and financing environment, development environment will be improved.

  European and American debt crisis will undoubtedly bring the U.S. and European markets weakening demand, coupled with the appreciation of the renminbi is a general trend, the export-oriented enterprises will face an unprecedented transition pressure. The risk of the real estate bubble has given China's plastic mold economic and sounding the alarm, the "12th Five-Year" period, China's economy must rely on new industry development opportunities to further adjust the industrial structure, to achieve sustainable development.

  To actively expand the plastic mold market, the establishment of multi-channel layout for the two urban and rural markets. The continuous introduction of the national agricultural policy will stimulate rural development and sustainable development. Terminal market in rural areas will be an important step in the future development of the layout of the air conditioning companies.