How to solve an extremely urgency of plastic mold in the production technology?

Source: shaoqun Release Date: 2012-06-14 16:46:24 Hits: 1452

  Plastic mold production in addition to advanced technology and equipment other than the need to strengthen the management and control of mold production process, which is constraining mold delivery, the crux of the mold quality and mold production information managements imminent.

  Plastic mold production management has been in use of traditional the fitter contracting mode, this management model in the early stages of enterprise development management is simple, interest-driven mechanism, the advantages of high efficiency

  In fact, many small and medium-sized mold manufacturing enterprises application of this management model, so that the fitter to manage the entire production of the plastic mold, reducing the administrative burden of the sets of molds for enterprises, but at the same time lose the productive resources of the whole plant reasonable dispatch, coordinate the progress of the initiative of all the mold, the powerless means of production costs and production quality control.