How to increase business scope of plastic mold company?

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  Our company is mainly engaged in manufacturing of home appliances, audio-visual, communications, office supplies, car interior parts plastic mold manufacturer, the use of the Polyclinic way to avoid the problems brought about by the fitter contracting system, but there is no specific process design department, all mold process arrangements is still primarily responsible for the fitter master and production management cadres.

  In addition, when new demands on the change, some work piece need to modify the process, but often the work piece is still to be processed in accordance with the original process, can not be suspended, not only wasteful, but once again affected the mold delivery period.

  Skilled workers have accumulated a number of years the process, which is what decided the key to plastic mold arrangement can normally.

  Manager Zhang recalled: previously once the important production management cadres and fitter master was poached, production management will be caught in the chaos of the period of time, the company will become very passive, until the recruit of new production management cadres and fitter master.