What is the importance of skilled worker for plastic mold industry?

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  Our company is to rely on personal experience and accumulated by the fitter team leader to control the production process and the scheduling of the entire plastic mold, fitter master and production management cadres become a real enterprise's core competitiveness. FAW Die Manufacturing Co. can not rely on labor statistics to accumulate a lot of process knowledge and process changes; can not be artificially control in a timely manner.

  Some companies also suffered the pain of another fitter management, in the plastic mold industry, the fitter master and Production Management is the company's most important current assets. Our company as a local mold leading enterprises primarily focused on the design and manufacture of home appliances and automotive plastic injection molds.

  The so-called fitter is a machining, mechanical assembly and repair of processing by hand, often fitter stage using the vise to secure the workpiece operation named.