What are the development situations of plastic mold in all countries?

Source: shaoqun Release Date: 2012-06-14 16:37:27 Hits: 1539

  The market share of China's plastic mold industry will reach 250 billion yuan. Although the mold industry has a broad market space, but by the foreign monopoly squeezed industry profit margins, as well as domestic enterprises there are problems plagued steep rise in industry investment risk.

  In recent years, the international plastic mold maker in China to invest and set up a new round of expansion is in full swing. Settled in Germany, Hella Jilin; Japan Toyota mold Tianjin to set up factories; Finland Perlos invest in the construction of the mold factory in Shenzhen officially put into operation recently, designed to provide high-grade mold products for the telecommunications, health care, electronics, automotive and other industries.

  At present, the size of the plastic mold companies in China, after Japan and the United States, but mostly concentrated in the middle and low field, the low level of technology and added value.