What’s the Process of Injecting the Plastic Mold?

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With the rapid development of plastic industry and general and engineering plastics in strength and precision, the plastic products application scope is expanding continually.
Plastic products’ proportion increases rapidly. A reasonable design of plastic parts can often replace amount of traditional metal parts. Plastic products also are on the rise. The amount of plastic mold is a kind of tool producing plastic products. It consists of several groups of parts. This combination is composed of the parts in the cavity.
When there are molding cavity and injection molding, mold is clamped in injection molding machine and molten plastic is injected in the molding cavity. In the chamber, separate the mold from the top and the bottom. And then the system will pull the mold form the mold cavity.  Finally the mold is closed again for the next injection mould.  The injection molding process is the recycle.