The importance of the mold for molding parts

Source: Release Date: 2011-08-01 13:20:39 Hits: 1745
     Mold is an important part forming process technology and equipment, automotive motorcycles, electrical appliances, IT electronics, and medical equipment manufacturing industry an important basis for equipment. As with the high precision stamping products, beautiful appearance, therefore, increasingly are used in aircraft, ships and high-speed trains and other equipment of the structure and interior parts manufacturing. With the production process can be efficient, material, energy, the mold is often hailed as the mother of modern industrial production.
     As the mold important role in manufacturing, mold design and manufacturing has become an important area of ​​manufacturing, mold manufacturing and therefore has been the world's industrial countries of concern and attention. As the mold of their own characteristics, mostly reflecting the modern mold technology-intensive enterprise, capital-intensive and labor-intensive and high social benefits of high-quality features, the mold manufacturing industry has become a part of high-tech manufacturing industries.