China has been more widely adopted some new plastic Plastic mold steel

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The introduction of these systems and software , although spending a lot of money , but in China Plastic mold industry to achieve a CAD / CAM integration , and can support CAE technology for molding processes, such as filling and cooling of computer simulation , and achieved certain technical and economic benefits , and promote and promote China Plastic moldCAD / CAM technology. In recent years, China has independently developed Plastic mold mold CAD / CAM system has made significant progress , mainly in Northern China is the Software Engineering Institute developed CAXA system , developed by Huazhong University of injection mold HSC5.0 systems and CAE software , etc. the software has to adapt to the specific circumstances of domestic Plastic mold can be applied on the microcomputer and the price is low , etc., in order to further popularize Plastic moldCAD / CAM technology to create good conditions.

In recent years, China has been more widely adopted some new plastic Plastic mold steel, such as: P20, 3Cr2Mo, PMS, SM Ⅰ, SM Ⅱ and so on Plastic mold quality and life has a direct significant impact, but the overall usage remains less. Standard mold plastic mold, standard putter and springs are applied more widely, and there have been some domestic commercial hot runner system components. However, China Plastic mold standardization and commercialization generally under 30, and foreign advanced industrial countries has reached 70-80, there is still a big gap. Table I, domestic plastic Plastic mold technology comparison table of foreign domestic precision injection mold cavity.