Plastic mold vigorous overall market is steady upward

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0.005 ~ 0.01mm 0.02 ~ 0.05mm cavity surface roughness Ra0.01 ~ 0.05μm Ra0.20μm non- hardened steel plastic mold life 10 ~ 600 000 ~ 300 000 times 10 times hardened steel, plastic mold life 160 to 300 million times 50 ~ 1,000,000 times runner plastic mold utilization above 80 overall degree of standardization than 10 less than 30 70 to 80 medium-sized plastic mold mold production cycle

About a month in 2 to 4 months in plastic mold industry share of 30 ~ 40 25 ~ 30

According to official projections , plastic mold vigorous overall market is steady upward in the future market, plastic mold , plastic moldplastic mold development speed will be higher than other plastic mold, plastic mold industry in the proportion will gradually increase . With the plastic mold industry continues to develop , on the plastic moldplastic mold made ​​increasing demands are normal , so sophisticated, large-scale , complex , long-life plastic moldplastic mold development will be higher than the total growth rate .

Meanwhile, in recent years, imports of plastic mold , precision , large, complex , long-life plastic mold majority, therefore , from reducing imports , increase local perspective , this kind of high-grade plastic mold in the market share will gradually increase large . The rapid development of the construction industry , so that a variety of profile extrusion plastic mold, PVCplastic mold pipe fitting plastic mold plastic mold market to become a new economic growth point, the rapid development of highway.