The plastic mold hot runner technology can improve productivity

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In the design and manufacture of plastic comprehensively promote the use of CAD / CAM / CAE technology. CAD / CAM technology has evolved into a more mature common technology in recent years, plastic moldCAD / CAM technology hardware and software prices have been reduced to an acceptable level of SMEs in general , its further spread and create good conditions ; based network the CAD / CAM / CAE integration system structure began to take shape , it will solve the traditional hybrid CAD / CAM system can not meet the actual requirements of the production process of division of labor problems ; intelligent CAD / CAM software will gradually increase ; plastic parts 3D 3D design and plastic mold and molding process analysis will play an increasingly important role in China's plastic mold industry.

3 , promote the use of hot runner technology, gas-assisted injection molding technology and high-pressure injection molding technology . The plastic mold hot runner technology can improve productivity and quality parts , and plastic parts can be substantial savings in raw materials and energy conservation, so this technology is widely used in plastic mold of a big change. Hot runner components to formulate national standards , actively producing inexpensive high-quality components, is key to the development of hot runner plastic mold .

Gas-assisted injection molding in ensuring the quality of products , significantly reduce costs . Currently in the automotive and appliance industries to gradually promote the use of Chiang Kai-shek . There are more gas -assisted injection molding process parameters need to identify and control , and its large commonly used in large-scale complex products , plastic mold design and control than the traditional difficulty of ordinary injection process , therefore , the development of gas-assisted molding flow analysis software , is very important. On the other hand in order to ensure the accuracy of the plastic parts , continue to study the development of high-pressure injection molding process and plastic mold and injection compression molding process and plastic mold is also very important.