New plastic molding process and rapid economic plastic mold

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4 , the development of new plastic molding process and rapid economic plastic mold. To accommodate more variety, small batch production. 5 , to improve the utilization level of standardization and standard plastic parts . Plastic mold and plastic mold standard level of standardization is still low , very large gap with foreign countries , to a certain extent, restricted the development of China's plastic mold industry , to improve quality and reduce plastic mold plastic mold manufacturing cost , plastic mold standard parts applications should be vigorously promoted.

To do this , we must first develop a unified national standards, and in strict accordance with standards of production ; secondly to gradually scale production, improve commercialization , improve standard quality and reduce costs ; again is to further increase the standard varieties. 6 , the application of high-quality plastic mold materials and advanced surface treatment technology for improving the quality of life and the plastic mold is very necessary .

7, the research and application of plastic mold of high-speed measurement technology and reverse engineering. Using CMM or CMM scanners achieve reverse engineering plastic is one of the key technologies of CAD / CAM . Diverse research and application , adjustment, inexpensive testing equipment is a necessary prerequisite to achieve reverse engineering.

Since the 1980s , under the national industrial policy and its accompanying series of national economic policies to support and guide , our plastic mold industry has developed rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of 13% each in 1999, the industrial output value of China's plastic mold 24500000000 , until 2002, the total output value of China's plastic mold of about $ 3.6 billion, of which about 30% of plastic . In the future market, plastic mold , plastic mold plastic mold in the proportion of the total amount will also gradually increase .