Plastic mold making - a talent work opptunity

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Plastic mold is very sought-after natural talent on demand. Design department manager, financial controller, enterprise senior management reporter and so on, at the scene that day, more than 30 plastic mold companies provide jobs are "special" characters in command, highly specialized.
Organizers relevant person in charge, that it is because of this, the day of admission of nearly a thousand job-seekers, there are nearly 7 as a "point" of the reservation job seekers. "We had the basic requirements under the posts from the talent pool in the delineation of plastic mold groups of job-seekers to the recruitment of target position information back to the delineation of plastic mold job groups, e-mail and mobile phone, and then provide the relevant information from the applicant, through the screening to get the day's free tickets. "The person in charge said," point "reserve job to make people more focused and gold content of admission, recruitment effects which can be further protected.
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