Teach you how to extend the life of silicone rubber mold

Source: Release Date: 2011-08-01 13:43:40 Hits: 1815

In many kinds of resin crafts and sculpture, mold making silicone rubber mold has been more people of all ages, so this requires us to think of ways to die as much as possible to extend the life of soft silicone.

  But in the end how to extend the life of silicone rubber mold it? The following are several ways to teach you:

   1, silicone mold-making after 24 hours before they can be placed into production

   2, the soft silicone rubber mold production of finished products in a single ejection should have at least 10 minutes after the interval of about

   3, mold release agent before use some of the best spray

   4, silicone rubber mold in the process should be placed with stable, should not exceed 20 degrees inclination

   5, in the mold rubber mold process should be smooth operations and avoid force uneven tear tearing

   6, the silicone mold shelves when not in custody and temporarily can not die out.

   7, is the most important point is that production should be based on the product's texture, shape and size appropriate choice of silicone mold, it is best to glue dedicated specifically