Casting Solutions Common defects

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As the causes of each defect from a number of different factors, so the actual production to solve the problem, because in the end face of many non-merits and demerits of the first transfer machine? Or before refueling? Or to modify the mold? Propose degree of difficulty, complexity to deal with after the first simple, its order:

1) removal of sub-surface, clean the cavity, cleaning ejector; improved coatings, improved spraying; increase clamping force and increase the amount of metal casting. These operations can be implemented by simple measures.

2) adjusting the process parameters of injection strength, injection speed, filling time, mold time, pouring temperature, mold temperature.

3) for materials, choose high quality aluminum alloy ingots, the new material and back to change the ratio of charge to improve the melting process.

4) to modify the mold, changes pouring system, increase in the gate, an additional overflow tank, exhaust ducts.

For example, die casting produces flash of reasons:

1) die-casting machine problem: adjust the clamping force does not.

2) process issues: injection speed is too high, the formation of the impact of peak pressure is too high.

3) mold problems: deformation, surface debris type, inserts, wear and tear is not flush with the slider, the template intensity is not enough. Measures to solve the flash sequence: clean parting ​​increased clamping force adjustment of process parameters increased repair worn parts mold mold stiffness. From easy to difficult, to do every step of improvement, the first test it out, no further step.