Affect the price of plastic molds for several reasons

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 Customers always want to open the mold to find a reasonable price, good quality plastic mold manufacturers, how to 
find an ideal mold manufacturers, prices of the reasons I mold a simple analysis on the next.
1, plastic mold manufacturer, I personally think we should first determine the scope of mold manufacturers, small 
manufacturers with factory price is absolutely not the same. Manufacturers generally expensive than small factories, 
many quite expensive, the quality of the mold maker is doing better than small plants, only that you pay up. 
Therefore, customers should make sure to find manufacturers or small plants do. Our group is called a medium-sized 
enterprises in Shaoxing, have the right to contact us.
2, the plastic mold material. The customer base is specified or recommended by the manufacturer of plastic mold
3, plastic mold size.
4, plastic mold product structure. It is best to provide our customers the real kind or 3D modeling.
5, a few plastic molds
6, details of other molds, such as the hot runner, delivery and so on.
The above points are the most important factor affecting the price of plastic mold.