Plastic mold displayed their prowess, the industry chain and promote economic development

Source: Release Date: 2011-09-06 16:19:54 Hits: 1382
 In recent years, the rapid development of plastic mold. Currently, the plastic mold in the mold industry, the proportion of about 30%, the proportion of imports and exports in the mold up to 50 to 70%. The number of plastic mold suppliers are rising, the plastic mold industry has reached a new round of the peak.
With China's machinery, automobile, home appliances, building materials and other electronic information and the rapid development of pillar industries of national economy, this ratio will continue to improve. Why? Because mold market and the more significant of these industries have the relationship. For example, create a normal car is about more than 200 pieces of interior mold, and manufacture of bumpers, instrument panel, fuel tank, steering wheel and other medium-sized plastic molds required to meet about 50%. This is enough to see the impact of mold on the nature of these industries.
Currently, the increasingly widespread application of plastics for the plastic mold to provide a broad market, while the mold is also a higher demand. Large-scale, high precision, multi-functional composite mold will be favored.
Plastic mold in China's pillar industries and high technology-driven, driven by application requirements, has become a huge industrial chain, from upstream of the raw materials industry and machining and testing equipment to the downstream machinery, automobiles, motorcycles, appliances, electronics communications, building materials and other major industrial applications, the development of a plastic mold life.