Cheap labor in Southeast Asia to attract entrepreneurs to invest in the domestic plastic mold

Source: Release Date: 2011-09-06 16:24:50 Hits: 1540
 In recent years, more and more multinational companies to obtain cheap labor, but also to spread the risk of exchange rate movements, have entered the Southeast Asian countries. Some plastic mold domestic entrepreneurs have also activated. According to statistics, in Indonesia, Vietnam, India, the average wage of manufacturing workers is only about one hundred U.S. dollars per month. In addition, the Southeast Asia showing more and more foreign investment attraction, and Southeast Asian countries to adopt macroeconomic policies are inseparable. These countries in promoting trade liberalization a big step forward.2009 by the financial crisis, the plastic mold industry in India there has been a certain degree of impact, in particular, are important areas such as consumer demand was sluggish automobile die industry, many suppliers have plastic mold withdrawal line. But with the economic situation improves, the plastic mold industry will be strong growth, the industry's optimism is getting high. Experts predict that by 2015, India will double production of plastic, will soon become the world's third largest consumer of plastics, plastic mold industry during the grand plans.Ever since, some domestic companies to seize the opportunities of plastic mold, have begun to enter the Southeast Asian countries for investment. Of the plastic mold suppliers, India, Indonesia and other places, it had a compelling advantage.