2011 U.S. mold industry into the fast lane

Source: Release Date: 2011-09-06 16:30:48 Hits: 1752
 American Mold Manufacturers Association has its members on industry, operating profile, including a large proportion of plastic mold supplier, conducted a survey shows the industry gradually developed to the level of optimism. 56% of respondents said their operating conditions to improve, up 3%, 15% of respondents said their business in the past three months the situation quite well, 20% of respondents said business conditions in general.
In addition, the association also forecast for 2011 industry survey conducted for the first quarter of 2011, overall remain optimistic; which is expected to substantial increase in members of the business accounted for 6%, unchanged from the fall of 2010 statistical data; first 2011 forecast quarter of the members of the business to maintain steady growth in the fall survey from 35% to 42%; volume growth forecast unchanged members of the decline. The amount of growth forecast in the first quarter will be reduced membership rate is reduced; only a few very small number of respondents predict business will substantially decline.
Plastic mold suppliers from their feedback survey is easy to see some trends. Overall, respondents said business conditions in 2011 has been significantly improved over the past decade to be optimistic.