Plastic mold suppliers successfully enter the Japanese and European markets

Source: Release Date: 2011-09-08 15:35:53 Hits: 1463
 Mold industry in national development under the guidance of industrial policies, actively promote mold around the development of industrial clusters and improve the technical innovation of SMEs and parts supporting capacity, the increasing effects of industrial clustering. According to the head of the International Association mold Luo Baihui know many local businesses are expanding and growth. Surrounding areas not only for their own household appliances, automotive, electronics industry supporting the production of more 30% of the mold into the Japanese and European markets. The pace of plastic mold suppliers are moving to these countries.
Into the European and American markets in Japan, indicating the rapid development of plastic mold industry has a very strong momentum. Industry developed yield, in the case to meet their own needs, but also a considerable part of the creation of foreign exchange. This is very significant.