Plastic mold industry, new challenges and opportunities

Source: Release Date: 2011-09-08 15:45:20 Hits: 1611
 China's demand for the mold industry, including aerospace, defense industry, rail locomotives, construction machinery and other industries. At present, ground transportation, and China has entered the high-speed rail era. Just recently the opening of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail project, total investment value of 200 billion yuan; in space, the state has invested over $ 30 billion range large aircraft project. These are plastic mold suppliers to meet the challenge and bring new opportunities.
Thus, the plastic mold industry, the country relies on to carry out the necessary focus on the establishment of country projects, to carry out fine-full plastic injection molds, cover up the mold and large injection mold; the same time through mergers and acquisitions to accelerate business and product upgrading, reducing the interval between the prosperous country, so that our well-being of the plastic mold industry to continue to carry out. This plastic mold suppliers to put forward higher requirements on the technological content of products should continue to progress, but also to shorten the manufacturing cycle.
New opportunities will emerge and new challenges will follow. Maintain high quality output and high-tech plastic mold technology, plastic mold industry enduring tips.