How to select materials about making plastic mold?

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  Do you know the concept of the plastic mold? Plastic mold plastic processing industry in supporting plastic molding machine, plastic products to give complete and accurate configuration tools to size.
  As many plastic varieties and processing methods, plastic molding machines and plastic products, but may vary from the structure, so the type and structure of the plastic mold is a variety of forms.
  Forming method according to the different people of different plastic mold can be divided into the corresponding requirements of the plastics processing mold type, mainly injection mold, extrusion mold, plastic mold, mold and other high foam polystyrene.
  In addition, the design pressure of mold and injection mold, you should also consider forming machine and structural parameters of the matching process.
  Plastic mold and Die in different working conditions normally required in the 150 ° C-200 ° C under the work, except under certain pressure, but also withstand the temperature.