The Combination Makes Plastic mold Easy to Use

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        In choosing to injection plastic mold the tractor tread pieces for my robot I was taking a large step towards reducing my overall project cost.Specifically,when accounting for my time in machining complex 3-D pieces,even worse,one hundred and forty four of them,one begins to look for other options.The argument proceeds that this is why we have mold machining.The problem becomes more evident when you take into account the actual part geometry.The piece I dreamed of would require four separate setups in mold machining and as further investigation proved require producing four separate sets of custom machined complex tooling fixtures to hold onto the part while machining it.So I decided that a injection plastic mold would be the preferred method of part production.
        So you need to make a distinctively large quantity of plastic parts in your next robotics project.Should you simplify the design to save your self the trouble?There are several options available to you.Many of these fall into the categories of hand forming,vacuum forming,conventional milling,mold milling,injection plastic mold,and stereo lithography categories.
        The order these options is presented is not coincidental.Generally this is directly tied to the dollar value associated with each of the processies.Of coarse,money is a driving force,but how often do we undervalue our own time spent in manufacturing a piece for our robots.Another consideration is that of repeatability.Will one piece be exactly the same as the next,or will I have to make special considerations for each piece in my design.The proceeding ideas represent decisions that we as robotics hobbyists make normally in a subconscious manner.I present the following based on my recent decision to choose one of the plastic mold,which,aided by modern technology proved to be rather painless.Specifically,this tends to be the proverbial path less chosen that I would urge more people to strongly investigate.