what is the relationship between manufacturing procedure of plastic mold?

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  Plastic mold design and rational use and proper manufacturing processes are seriously affected the life of the mold.
  Quality of tool steel metallurgy aluminum extrusion die to withstand repeated loads, cavity to be repeatedly squeezing, rubbing and hot and cold change, so the mold material requires a strong heat resistance, thermal stability, thermal fatigue, thermal wear and adequate toughness.
  Mold steel will reduce the presence of metallurgical defects in the steel toughness and fatigue capabilities. Combined with carbon steel and contain a variety of special elements, as carbide to improve wear resistance of steel compressive strength has a significant role, but when under load large or densely distributed carbon source will be split.
  Currently widely used tool steel with good purity, and has good harden ability, toughness, wear resistance and ductility are better, heat distortion, thermal fatigue and crack resistance, good ductility has been replaced by anti-the earlier use of the material.