what is the important place of design in new plastic mold age?

Source: Release Date: 2011-11-10 19:24:51 Hits: 1315
  For plastic mold companies, plastic mold design need to improve the quality of the most important step, need to consider many factors, including the selection of mold material; mold structure can be practical and safety, process ability mold parts and mold maintenance convenience.
  It can be said, a plastic mold is the key lies in the application of the standard mold design and mold design details of the deal is correct. Moreover, the level design efficiency, quality and design quality standards are in place, will have a direct impact on corporate earnings.
  Therefore, the importance of design mold companies can not be ignored, how to solve the design efficiency, quality, standardization problems for enterprises, is essential.
  Raise the level of mold design and manufacturing depends not only on manufacturing equipment; tooling and software applications employees have played a crucial role.