How to keep the good development trend of plastic mold in the economic crisis?

Source: Release Date: 2011-11-21 13:45:56 Hits: 1391
  As a result of the international financial crisis, the second half of 2008, China plastic mold industry has obviously slowed down the pace of development. The main parts are large, sophisticated, complex, long-life plastic mold as the main representative of the high-tech high-grade die has been steadily increasing proportion.
  This is mainly plastic mold at home and abroad due to the overall market sentiment is not enough. National 4 trillion yuan investment to invest in major infrastructure projects and improving people's livelihood and livelihood aspects, GDP increased.
  Plastic mold is basically no increase in demand or increase the effects of lag, cars, home appliances, agricultural machinery and other industrial products to the countryside and the introduction of trade and other policy measures, the GDP has also increased. Although demand has also increased the mold, but growth is limited.