What should we do about advancing industry competitiveness?

Source: Release Date: 2011-11-22 18:40:47 Hits: 1349
  Our plastic mold industry has withstood the severe test of the year 2009, negative growth is not expected to be achieved, but we are still restructuring has made a lot of achievements, the whole industry built up strength for the future development has laid a good the foundation.
  There are three main aspects of this performance: First, the effectiveness of the system and mechanisms. Small state-owned enterprises, in terms of quantity and sales, the industry only accounted for less than 3% shareholding, private and foreign-funded enterprises accounted for an absolute advantage, to further enhance the vitality of the industry.
  The third point is the continuous improvement of market structure, new industries attracted universal attention, such as new energy, medical equipment (instruments, equipment) in the field, automation, aerospace and other areas of rapid economic plastic mold.