How to keep the plastic mold industry growing steadily?

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  International market is also a broad, traditional market outside of Europe, America and Southeast Asia, India, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Middle East and South Africa and other emerging markets have begun to expand.
  Transfer to the Mainland of China overseas plastic mold growing trend, driven by increasing levels of the industry and the rapid growth of exports.
  As the cost advantage of China's plastic mold production continue to exist, so the one hand, foreign investment, as well as mold procurement, international mold are transferred further to the development of the Mainland of China. As with international standards, which accelerates our progress?
  However, China's vast number of plastic mold companies around the level of missing, the gap between large, from a comprehensive standard, with the international advanced level, many gaps still exist between j prompted us to further efforts, the gap prompted us to Endeavor! Power to mold the world constantly moving, in a long time will remain our goal.