Why does cluster production mode become more and more important in plastic mold industry?

Source: Release Date: 2011-11-23 13:53:41 Hits: 1371
  Research shows that currently there are different types and different kinds of molds City (Park District, concentrated production base) more than 30, more than half of them have formed a certain scale, in 2008 mold the city has reached 27 billion yuan of output , of which about 170 billion yuan mold, the scale effect has been reflected.
  Moreover, the development of cluster production, the development of China's plastic mold for the modern manufacturing industry, service industry and the plastic mold industry as the core of the chain has made a significant contribution to the development, its significance is great.
  The current cluster production is still growing, the overall situation is good. Plastic mold production cycle become shorter, and mold prices continue to fall. This mold manufacturer, is indeed caused by the very people the pressure, but the mold users, this is the result.