How to improve the service standard of plastic mold industry?

Source: Release Date: 2011-11-24 17:51:14 Hits: 1292
  Volume terms, we are already the world's largest producer of plastic mold. It is also, plastic mold industry technology progress. But there is also a market is not standardized, over middle and low price competition and overcapacity of products, it should be enough to arouse our attention.
  Plastic mold industry to provide services for the parts industry, so is bound to mold parts (molded products) trends for their own development trends, the mold must meet their requirements.
  Trends on the mold, experts think that this depends mainly on two aspects, namely the one hand mold to serve the development trend of all walks of life, the other is the whole community and the world of science and technology development trends, which in fact is the need and possible.