What are the Basic Knowledge of Plastic Mold and its Development Situation?

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Plastic mold is a tool to manufacture the plastic products, composed of several groups of parts. The whole process of injection molding is proceeding circularly.

Plastic mold is a set of plastic process industry and molding machine, endowing with perfect structure and precise tools for the plastic mold.

As plastic mold’s types and processing ways are too many and the structure of molding machine and plastic products are not the same, the plastic mold can be divided to different types for its different craft demands according to different ways of molding. They are injection molding, vacuum molding etc.

 With the rapid development of plastic industry and the continuous improvement of strength and precision of general and engineering plastic, there appears a great expansion on the application scope of plastic mold and the plastic mold’s proportion increases in a rapid speed beyond imagination. A plastic product designed reasonably always has the ability of replacing much traditional metal parts.