What is the China plastic mold industry development situation and recent trend?

Source: Release Date: 2011-11-24 17:51:51 Hits: 1275
  Trend is mainly lightweight parts and low cost with fast and efficient production and quality, each of which indicates the trend of plastic mold.
  If you want to produce lightweight parts, it is necessary to increase the use of plastic and the development of new materials, including a variety of new plastic, modified plastic, metal, plastic, magnesium alloy, composite materials, etc., which require new forming process, which also requires a corresponding new type of plastic mold.
  For example, the car more and more high-strength plate is to reduce weight, high strength plate for some hot forming and hot forming corresponding mold will naturally become a trend, and so on.
  Plastic mold manufacturer mold the user must be the first to make money, then he will make money.