Why do plastic mold industry have bright market prospect?

Source: Release Date: 2011-12-01 17:20:53 Hits: 1285
  Plastic mold industry in China and its development needs and foreign standards, exists mainly six problems. More important is our enterprise organization coordinated ability is poor, difficult to very well integrated or mobilize social resource use, thus it will be difficult to undertake larger projects.
  Most enterprise want to development ability weak. On the one hand, low level of technical personnel proportion is not quite high, on the other hand is less input in scientific research and development, and more important is the idea behind in the development and not enough attention.
  Backward in technology often easy to see, poor management is difficult to realize that sometimes. Plastic mold enterprise manage at home and abroad and the disparity between the very obvious, the management of the gap between the problems of the technology gap than the more serious.