How does plastic mold coordinate with each production steps?

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  Designers need to keep mold drawings, processing, and physical data consistency and completeness: After a useful, detailed, rigorous testing skills, assure mold drawings, processing, and physical data consistency and completeness.
  Each plastic mold design, manufacturing costs will need to be timely summary: After the workshop useful to control the summons out of work, useful management tool for retirement; through the proper mold design, mold parts and efficient processing and the right parts detection, will be useful for low mold design changes, maintenance and the added cost, to gain the reality of the cost of each mold, a mold quality and land use control.
  Designers will plan, design, processing technology, plant consumption, human resources, information inorganic constructed, integrated with co-ordination, and thus useful for planning and coordination of consumption, the quality of the mold can be useful to guarantee the timely delivery.