How to complete integrated system of plastic mold?

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  Designers can create a complete document management plan database machine, the design part of the accumulated plastic mold design drawings, scattered, dispersed the former times past, isolated together with information collation.
  Prevention because of the design drawing, 2D, 3D confusion, the original, set changes, maintenance version of the confusion, 3D and 2D drawings of mold inconsistent data, 2D drawings, designs are not standardized, there are problems caused by confusion timely invention and can not easily be corrected in time, resulting in mold to modify and rework, and even set aside to increase the mold manufacturing costs, longer mold consumption cycle, affecting the delivery time.
  Project management team to follow up the establishment of the plastic mold: a detailed transaction and skills similar, one-sided die to learn more about the customer's skill requirements, record, summarize identical and correctly transfer the contents to reach ministries to stop repeatedly, repeatedly, test mode, modify, rework, thereby cutting costs and time.