Why does domestic plastic mold make great progress?

Source: Release Date: 2011-12-13 09:54:53 Hits: 1592
  The technological level of China's plastic mold industry in recent years has made considerable progress. Large, sophisticated, complex, efficient and long-life die on a new level.
  Large and complex plastic mold die on behalf of the automobile parts, has been able to produce some of the new car cover mold. Reflects the high level of manufacturing technology of multi-position progressive die coverage, from the motor, electrical iron chip die, extend to connectors, gun parts, air conditioners and heat sinks and other appliances parts mold.
  In a large plastic mold, is capable of producing 48 inches TV Molded mold, 6.5kg capacity washing machine full set of plastic molds, as well as car bumpers, dashboards and other molds overall.