What is the development state of market at home and abroad?

Source: shaoqun Release Date: 2011-12-15 15:35:55 Hits: 1457
  In precision plastic mold, plastic mold has been able to produce camera, multi-cavity molds and small modulus gear plastic mold and so on. In large sophisticated die-casting mold, the domestic production has been able to pedal the whole escalator and automotive die-casting mold die casting mold rear axle gear box.
  Other types of mold, such as radial Tire Mold, aluminum and plastic door and window profile extrusion die, also have reached a high level, and can replace imported plastic mold.
  Plastic mold in accordance with domestic and international market development, experts predict, the future of China's mold industry after the restructuring, will show the top ten trends: First, the increasingly large-scale mold; the second is the increasingly high precision mold.