How to improve whole strength of plastic mold industry?

Source: shaoqun Release Date: 2011-12-17 17:03:38 Hits: 1346
  As the mold industry is a technology, capital and labor are relatively intensive industries, China's average labor costs of only U.S. 1 / 40 to 1 / 30, as China's rapid economic development, the level of our technical personnel have gradually increased, the development of industrial countries die shrinking trend, but also accelerated the mold industry in these countries to their industrial and technological base to better countries (including China) transfer.
  At present shenzhen surrounding and Pearl River delta region has become China's most developed mould industry, science and technology, and the highest content area. According to insiders, estimates that in the next few years, with the global manufacturing center of gravity to speed up to transfer to China, the region may be in 10 years of becoming the mold production center.
  In addition, the domestic eastern zhejiang province yuyao, ninghai, the huangyan, wenzhou region mould industry development is also very fast and practitioners to more than 100000 people, mould annual output value of 7 billion yuan, with the development of the manufacturing industry in our country, these areas of the mould industry will have a bigger development.