How to strengthen cooperation between home and abroad plastic mold industry?

Source: shaoqun Release Date: 2011-12-19 17:41:07 Hits: 1350
  If a large number of Japanese manufacturing sectors are actively looking for partners in China's domestic mold, the primary reason is that Japan's high cost of tooling, China mold cost is three times.
  Second, a large number of Japanese manufacturers set up factories in China, in addition to reduce transportation costs, labor costs and other factors, but also to avoid the previous process of transport in the mold due to unexpected damage caused by normal use of the mold can not be used normal.
  Third, China's mold processing industry is becoming more mature, technical level is increasing, but also significantly improve the quality of personnel; Fourth, the development trend of mold is to high-speed, high precision, high-performance direction, the high mold companies in Japan density process has a considerable advantage, and thus gradually to the Japanese mold precision mold enterprise focus, and the general mold has begun to shift to China and other places; Finally, as China, the domestic investment environment is getting better.