How to produce the plastic mold with high accuracy?

Source: shaoqun Release Date: 2011-12-22 15:33:43 Hits: 1338
  High precision plastic mold need to use high-precision CNC machining, and mold material, forming process, there are stringent requirements needed to use the CAD / CAE / CAM technology to mold design and analysis.
  Molding before preparing to do the design in advance, to prevent ill-considered haste, affect the duration. In short, the production of high-quality mold, only work closely with both supply and demand, in order to ultimately reduce costs, shorten cycle.
  There are many users in the development of products or trial new products, they often initially focus on product research and development, neglect and mold making unit of communication. After the initial product design to determine that in advance and there are two benefits of exposure to mold manufacturers.