How to choose mold according to integrated factors?

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  Some parts have special requirements as molding, the mold needs to use the hot runner, gas-assisted injection molding. Manufacturer should have the CNC, EDM, EDM and CNC milling equipment, profiling, high-precision grinding machines, high-precision coordinate measuring instrument, computer design and related software.
  Generally large stamping dies (such as car cover mold) to consider whether there are blank machine body, even while lubricants, multi-position into the other. In addition to stamping tonnage, but also consider the red times, feeding equipment, machine tool and mold protection.
  Means and the mold manufacturing process and not every business has to master. Collaboration in the choice of manufacturers must understand when it's processing capacity, not only see the hardware, but also with the management and processing experience and technical strength. The same set of plastic mold, different manufacturers offer and sometimes a big gap.