What are the advantages of mold processing one-stop?

Source: shaoqun Release Date: 2011-12-26 16:58:08 Hits: 1216
  When people choose to try to mold the mold making and product selection is a one-stop processing companies.
  With the passing of the mold (specimen pass), may not be able to produce quantities of qualified products. This is mainly machine tools and parts selection, forming process (forming temperature, forming time, etc.) and the operator of the technical quality of a relationship.
  With good mold, but also have good forming, it is best to stop cooperation, try to avoid long collaboration. If the conditions are not met, we must choose one party has overall responsibility for, be sure to set the contractual clear.
  Required from the user's own requirements, full measure, will be much lower mold problems start. The user must proceed from their own requirements, a comprehensive measure.