What are the advantages of production areas bring to mold industry?

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  In May 2010 the Thirteenth International Mould Technology and Equipment Exhibition, and was "fine mode Award" Die total of 181 items, including 55 first prize, second prize of 64, not only have more than before on the number of large increase, but the level has improved greatly, the project reached the international level, more and more significant innovation, the patent number.
  Plastic mold gap between imports and exports are shrinking average price also reflects the overall level of China's mold industry and scientific and technological progress to improve the situation.
  Production gathers the further development of enhanced concentration of producer services reflects the development of production-type mold gathering in the development area.
  In 2010, not only has more than 20 mold gathering area to be further developed, and some new production area has begun to gather scale, gathering mold in some areas, "Mould Town" and other modern production services demonstrate good momentum of development, the majority of its services in the mold industry service platform for SMEs and service in the form of more and more services, more and more rich content, services output increased rapidly.