How to strengthen cooperation between mold industries with other industries?

Source: shaoqun Release Date: 2011-12-31 14:19:09 Hits: 1300
  Plastic mold enterprises to extend the industrial chain development trend is very clear that the main trend is the development of a simple production mold if mold companies, as prices continued to decline and die falling profit margins caused by the profit level of firm size and slow speed due to more and more.
  Therefore, many die business, especially a strong technical force, product level and high level of corporate management, the use of their expertise, to start planning or have implemented in order to mold the core upstream and downstream industry chain extension.
  In other words, to die as a strong corporate backing, to mold their own production to produce other products as effective protection to extend the industrial chain, the most common is the production of molds and other products and associated products.
  This trend has been before, but more apparent in 2010, and has been recognized by more mold companies. In fact, the international community also has this tendency.