How to create new financing channels about mold industry?

Source: shaoqun Release Date: 2012-01-04 10:43:17 Hits: 1217
  Efforts to create a new financing channels, the technical innovation and new product production plastic mold production enterprise production pace most are small and medium-sized enterprise, financing has been difficult, in order to better and faster development, many enterprises is to create and try some good financing channels, such as listing, assets transaction, lease, as well as many loans as both the enterprise together.
  And a few areas in the local government's support, are trying to use the device for mortgage loan practices. Although many channels of financing in society and not completely new, but to mould enterprise, it is the past no.
  Thanks to a new financing channel, so many enterprises speed up the purchase new equipment in 2010, moving the new factory speed. At the same time, along with the change of society and the expansion of the service field new mould.