What is the new development trend of mold industry in 2012?

Source: shaoqun Release Date: 2012-01-05 11:02:48 Hits: 1336
  With the accelerated pace of technological progress, manufacturing, tooling and equipment of a higher demand, and many die enterprises to adapt to the new situation and continue to prototype and production plastic molds wave of new products are becoming the trend.
  With the shortening of product life cycle, product manufacturing process enables the program to determine the mold design and manufacturing and product development in parallel to get the product more user attention and recognition business.
  At present, China's mold exports reached 40 countries and regions. According to customs statistics, China's exports to mold the first quarter of 2010 and January-June January-September, 1 - December year on year growth rates were 10.30%, 12.95%, 17.28% and 19.15%, showing a steady growth of development trend, in 2010 mold exported $ 2.196 billion, compared with 19 percent last year.