What are four development trends of mold industry in the future?

Source: shaoqun Release Date: 2012-01-06 11:04:52 Hits: 1318
  Mold industry to continue to the "four modernizations" direction the so-called "four modernizations", referring to the specialized, high-end, differentiated and information. The "four modernizations" results enable more companies to obtain more coordinated better and faster development.
  The third point is the operation of the main difficulties and problems in addition to the 2010 results and a good run trend, the difficulties are many, there are five aspects: First, "the equipment manufacturing industry restructuring and revitalization plan" has made it clear to continue to support the introduction of a new plastic mold development policy is still not issued.
  this plan has passed the three-year implementation period of two years, the mold industry tax burden is far more important than the reality of general machinery products has not changed, many mold companies waiting to no avail, no movement, does affect the development.