What is the effectual way of increasing mold corporate profit?

Source: shaoqun Release Date: 2012-01-10 17:15:46 Hits: 1325
  First, product prices continue to plastic mold the overall decline, a large proportion of labor costs, growth rate faster than the general machinery manufacturing, mold the physical production increased more, but sales have not increased much, and even less profit increase, three who not only can not sync, and disproportionate, and some companies even increasing production and profits, however, reduced.
  Increase in receivables also increased their difficulties. This will definitely affect the development. Third, many companies began the fourth quarter of declining orders; the development of uncertainty continues to grow. Fourth, the development potential from the point of view, the future will continue to appreciate the yuan, which exports at a disadvantage.
  Fifth, talent shortage is becoming worse in the past mainly to the lack of senior personnel, is now even less than ordinary workers, many business recruitment difficulties, and should be those who have become rare, affecting development.