What are the race condition between China and Japan?

Source: shaoqun Release Date: 2012-01-11 17:21:21 Hits: 1330
  China's rapid growth as the world's third mold manufacturer, but in the whole industry chain weaknesses, may lead to China's mold industry is locked in a low-end. After 20 years of catch-up, China's mold industry is at a critical point, the mold pattern of relationships between corporate customers will play a decisive influence.
  Japan mould enterprise is constantly through a joint venture with the user of approach to eating into China mold enterprise market share. Mould industry is the foundation of manufacturing industry, China and Japan to mould industry attitude, the two countries decided the future of manufacturing industry.
  2005 years of Tokyo, Japan is withdrawn the big Japanese important medium and small mould enterprise one of the enclaves. Now, big withdrawn the larger factories have moved to China, to use much cheaper local labor force. By 2007, industry KongXinHua signs began to show, in the area more than a third of the enterprise is the impact of China's cheap labor, had to choose a suspension of the production or simply go bankrupt.